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Nashata Sibaha I


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  • Baju renang dengan tudung untuk memudahkan aktiviti berenang.
  • Sesuai untuk semua saiz badan.
  • Made of spandex and polyester.
  • Kategori : lasak
  • Saiz : M/L/XL/2XL/3XL
  • Terdapat warna purple dan kuning.

Nashata Sibaha Size Chart

Sibaha Performance M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length (L) 33 in 34 in 35.5 in  36.5 in 38 in
84 cm 86 cm 91 cm 93 cm 96 cm
Width (W) 18.5 in 20 in 21.5 in 22 in  23 in 
47 cm 50 cm 55 cm 56 cm 58 cm
Shoulder (S) 13.5 in 15 in 16.5 in 17.5 in 18 in
35 cm 38 cm 42 cm 44 cm 46 cm
Arm (A) 23 in 26.5 in 27 in 27.5 in 28.5 in
58 cm 67 cm 69 cm 70 cm 73 cm


2020-03-09 21:44:49
Comfortable and practical but needs improvement in capster desig

The design of the Nashata Sibaha 1 top is really unique and makes swimming a little more enjoyable. The top is also loose fitting and does not obstruct me while doing my swimming lessons. However, I hope Nashata will improve in the design of the capster attached to the top. I find that the capster is very loose and I have to wear an inner tube (anak tudung) during swimming so that my hair is unseen due to the loose capster. There was one time that the capster was so loose that it actually fell to the back of my head and I had to quickly pull it up again to cover my head. Luckily i was wearing my inner tube so my hair was not exposed. It was an embarassing moment for me as I was in a swimming lesson with other Muslimah ladies. I could not concentrate on swimming as I had to keep on tugging at my capster to ensure it does not fall off again. Maybe Nashata can add velcro strap/rubberised chin/a good stretchable swimming material for the capster.

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2019-01-21 15:03:21
Has Great Quality Fabric and Comfortable with Swimming.

The Fabric is high quality. The swim suite stays on your body nicely while swimming. It is comfortable and strong enough to do rough activities. I love the concept of the body suite beneath. This gives me a range of freedom without having any strings attached to my side.

2018-09-24 10:24:31
Best Muslimah Swimwear

I bought Natasha Sibaha along with the bodysuit. Highly recommended this pair as the the swimming suit mould to your body. I tried several muslimah swimming suit beforehand and this is by far the best. Now, at 7 months pregnant, I can still swim in it.

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Nashata Sibaha I

Nashata Sibaha I