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Mumtaz Tunes I Sports Hijab Extended


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This long sports hijab snugs nicely on wider faces and covers your chest securely during work out. The hijab is made of high quality, breathable yet durable fabric.


  • Earphone-friendly, earphone inlet sports hijab
  • Provides maximum chest covering for tall and large ladies - 50 cm long
  • Weight : 120 g / 0.26 lbs
  • Suitable for tall ladies and wider faces
  • Chin support
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor activities, and leisure.
  • Reflective logo printed at the back of hijab.
  • Mesh Polyester Microfiber.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Wash inside out to protect reflective logo. 
  • Category: Leisure / Non-performance
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Mumtaz Sports Hijab


2021-01-03 07:38:34
Great coverage

I like how it is light in weight and that it has good coverage. Comfortable to wear. Would love for this to be in other darker colours if possible.

    2020-12-23 17:12:55
    Hijabs for sport

    Very comfy, sesuai untuk senaman@besukan

      2020-11-05 23:17:35
      Must by Hijab for Sport

      Sangatlah selesa utk jogging & cycling sehinggakan tak nak pakai tudung lain dah bila beraktiviti sukan. Ringan dan tak panas. Bila berpeluh pun tudung tak berat. Cepat kering peluh tu. Repeat order but this time I try Ezy Sport pula.

        2020-09-16 08:56:24

        I'm big hooda hijab fan and I never thought that I will like mumtaz hijab. Oh boy, I was wrong, this hijab is very comfy and airy. Feels like nothing even when you run, it will stay nicely. Nashata makes the best sport hijab. Will buy more colours, really love this mumtaz.

          2020-07-29 15:30:21
          Comfy and breathable

          My repeat order for Mumtaz Tunes Sports Hijab. It is suitable for outdoor activities which I usually wear it for jogging and hiking. Super comfy and lightweight. The extended version really suits my preference. Now has better option with many colour choices to choose on unlike before (only black). Hope to have more colour selection in future with same material. Can't wait!

            2020-07-11 23:49:31
            Light & Easy ❤️

            I bought almost all colours! Love the super comfy materials! Tq Nashata Team!

              2020-04-21 12:18:09
              Comfy & terletak elok kat muka

              Material terbaik - airy, ringan. Bila pakai, tak perlu risau nak betul2kan tudung sebab ia terletak elok. Saya cuba beli tudung sport jenama tempatan lain, tapi material nya tak sesedap nashata's. awning nya pun tak seelok nashata's,kesimpulannya, nashata pilihan saya, tak mahu cari lain dah!

                2020-01-14 12:41:16
                Really cantik & very comfy!

                Design tudung ni I like it very much. The material is very lightweight compared to other brand/products which I have. Recommended for all muslimah out there! ;)

                  2019-11-14 08:26:07
                  Mumtaz Tunes Sports Hijab Extended

                  Recommended to All Muslimah. It's suitable for any activities and doesn't take long to get ready to go out.

                  Please buy!

                    2019-10-15 15:11:24
                    Really muslimah! Tolong beli

                    Really cover ur aurah. Pakai bagpack pun elok kemas je hijab ni tetap terjaga di atas bahu. Recommended!

                      2019-09-17 18:52:55
                      Cooling and covers modesty

                      I love this sports hijab because of its cooling material and it covers your chest fully. Great not only for sports use but also on days when you need to run errands in our hot and humid weather. Highly recommended!

                        2019-09-14 11:51:27
                        Super comfy hijab

                        First I bought this one, blue colour. Once it arrived, I definitely fall in love with it ! Light weight, airy, and cover your chest properly, not too long, not too short as well. Super comfy .. I use it for everyday wear not only for sport. And I ended up in buying 4 more colours ! Thank you Nashata for making this nice sport hijab ...

                        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                        2019-09-02 14:45:36
                        Very comfy and good length for modesty

                        I already owned 3 colours of this hijab as i like the material and covers my chest properly. Wish you will produce more colours for this. Thank you❤

                          2019-08-09 14:34:13
                          The best material - breathable and easy dry

                          I really like the material - its breathable and easy dry too. I always use this for my gym and running routine. It provides very good chest covering which I really love it! I am going to purchase another color after this :)
                          All I can say is - Mumtaz Tunes Sports Hijab (Extended) got you covered!

                          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                          2019-07-03 20:51:24
                          Simply love it

                          Wear it for my casual run. Love the lightweight and and airy feel of the hijab.

                            2019-02-25 09:51:04
                            Light and cool hijab

                            Bought this last month and was suprised to see the material lighter than i expected. And i am happy that the extended version give more coverage. Im am happy with this product. Will definitely order more of this! Good job nashata!

                            • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                            2018-10-19 16:43:11
                            Mumtaz Tunes Sports Hijab Extended

                            Muntaz Tunes sport sangat selesa bila pakai, mumtaz ini senang sahaja dipakai, pakai tak smpai 5 minit aje. Mumtaz tunes sport bukan sahaja blh di pakai untuk bersukan.. Mumtaz juga blh dipakai perg bawa keluar ke shopping mall, design simple nmpak exclusive bila pakai..hijab mumtaz serap peluh bila pakai .jd tak perlu takut bila ada berpeluh.. Good job nashatan

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                              Mumtaz Tunes I Sports Hijab Extended

                              Mumtaz Tunes I Sports Hijab Extended

                              • Earphone-friendly, earphone inlet sports hijab
                              • Provides maximum chest covering for tall and large ladies - suitable for large faces.
                              • Holds best on your chest.
                              • Suitable for outdoor and indoor activities, including casual wear.
                              • Gives good chest covering - 50 cm long.
                              • Mesh Polyester Microfiber.
                              • Reflective logo printed at the back of hijab.