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Full Set Swimwear (Body Suit & Sibaha Vera)


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The set includes:

Body Suit Features:

  • Suitable for performance swimming.
  • Covers your body securely for athletic experience.
  • Front zip, sleeveless body suit that hugs your body for easy movement.
  • Comes with foot straps
  • To be worn together with Nashata Sibaha (sold separately).
  • Made of spandex and polyester.
  • Reflective logo.
  • For all body types.
  • Sizes:  M / L / XL / 2XL
  • Price: RM149/SGD50/USD37

Sibaha Vera Features:

  • Swimming top with hijab attached for swift swimming experience.
  • Covers your body securely for athletic experience.
  • Aesthetic on surface and underwater.
  • Long loose top with hijab attached.
  • Best worn with Nashata Body Suit 
  • Made of spandex and polyester.
  • For all body types
  • Sizes : M/L/XL/2XL/3XL
  • Price : RM139/ SG45 /USD32

Body SuitMLXL2XL
Length (L)50 in51 in52.5 in54 in
127 cm130 cm134 cm137 cm
Width (W)11.5 in12.5 in14 in15.5 in
29 cm32 cm36 cm39 cm
Chest (C)12 in14 in16 in18 in
31 cm38 cm41 cm46 cm
Hip (H)15 in15.5 in17 in18.5 in
38 cm39 cm43 cm47 cm

Nashata Sibaha Size Chart

Sibaha PerformanceMLXL2XL3XL
Length (L)33 in34 in35.5 in 36.5 in38 in
84 cm86 cm91 cm93 cm96 cm
Width (W)18.5 in20 in21.5 in22 in 23 in 
47 cm50 cm55 cm56 cm58 cm
Shoulder (S)13.5 in15 in16.5 in17.5 in18 in
35 cm38 cm42 cm44 cm46 cm
Arm (A)23 in26.5 in27 in27.5 in28.5 in
58 cm67 cm69 cm70 cm73 cm


2022-04-28 20:57:58

good for swimming. fitting is a bit tight but still comfortable.

    2021-07-05 21:33:30
    Nice design!

    Material is very comfortable. Liked the design but size is a bit tight. Specially the bottom. I would prefer 1 size bigger than the actual size.

      2020-06-14 16:31:59
      Good option for buying swim suit

      The quality seems very good, and the design is nice. And I am happy it is also made in Malaysia. However, I would recommend to have more options for sizes and colors. Brighter colors for swimsuits might be a good idea because black color obsorbs the sun heat at the beach, but overall we are happy with the product.

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        Full Set Swimwear (Body Suit & Sibaha Vera)

        Full Set Swimwear (Body Suit & Sibaha Vera)

        Improve your swimming performance in Nashata swimwear. It is designed to reduce drag and maintain laminar flow. Suitable for performance use.

        The set includes:

        • Body Suit (Sleeveless)
        • Sibaha I (Top and Headgear Swimwear)